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Yaw Dabo confuses little niece with hilarious English in latest video


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Yaw Dabo Confuses His Little Niece With His English Photo Source: priscylove7

Popular Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo, in a video confused a little girl he referred to as his niece with his hilarious English.

The actor was smartly dressed in a white lace outfit as he paid some family members a visit. In the video, he said he came to check up on his mother and sister.

Upon arriving at the compound, the actor met his sister’s daughter, Kakra, and was elated to see her.

Yaw Dabo exchanged pleasantries with the little girl and tried to engage her in a conversation. Dabo hilariously noted that he was going to address Kakra only in English and proceeded to ask her how she was doing.

The shy little one affirmed that she was doing fine and Dabo proceeded to ask a question which brought about the confusion.

He asked, “What do you faint?” it was unclear what Dabo was trying to convey which made a lady in the background laugh out loud. His follow-up question implied he meant to ask Kakra “How do you feel?” instead of “What do you faint?”.

Dabo later gave up and asked his niece to call her elder sibling. The hilarious incident got social media users laughing.

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