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Woman Left With Car Key Sticking Out of Her Face in Freak Accident


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A young Canadian woman needed to be hospitalized after a car key got lodged in her face when a friend casually tossed it to her.

Renée Lariviere, a 24-year-old woman from Sudbury, Canada was leaving her apartment to visit a local McDonald’s when she asked a friend to toss her the car keys she had forgotten. What was supposed to be an easy catch turned out to be a fumble and the car key somehow ricocheted from her hand into her face. It must have been a hell of a toss too, as when the metal part of the key hit Renée’s face it actually punctured her cheek and became lodged in her face.

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“I felt a pressure, but I felt like I just got hit with the keys in the face, like I missed my catch,” the 24-year-old recalled. “My friend looked at me and said, ‘Oh, my God, don’t move,’ and he started panicking.”

The adrenaline apparently numbed Lariviere’s pain, and as her friend was slowly walking her to the bathroom, she actually thought he was exaggerating in his concern. However, it was her turn to panic when she looked in the mirror and saw the car key sticking out of her face.


Renée’s friends called an ambulance and as soon as she arrived at the hospital, she received a CT scan, and a plastic surgeon was called to remove the car key and stitch up the wound. The scan revealed that the object had become embedded an inch-and-a-half deep into her nasal cavity, below the eye.

“There were doctors coming from different departments to see because they couldn’t believe it,” Lariviere said. “I had one of them come and ask to take pictures so he could show his students. He was an emergency room doctor, so he was trying to show them that anything could happen.”

That’s quite a nasty wound, one that, you would think, definitely leaves a scar. But you would be wrong. Renée Lariviere not only made a full recovery following the freak accident, but she doesn’t even have the scar to prove it ever happened. The photos of her with the car key sticking out of her face are proof enough, though.

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