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What to do when police stop you for car search – Expert advises drivers


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The manner in which traffic stop searches are conducted by police officers has taken centre stage in the past few days.

This was after a leaked audio by a supposed driver suggested that an officer had planted illicit drugs in his car in an attempt to extort him.

A subsequent investigation by the Police has revealed that said incident never happened and was a fabrication of the driver’s imagination.

Despite the latest fact-finding report, security expert Adib Sani insists that this does not rule out the sentiments of others who have legitimate experiences in that same direction.

Speaking on the AM Show, Mr Sani

further outlined a few hacks that drivers can employ during police checks at traffic stops to ensure that they do not fall victim to this issue.

This includes locking all doors and leaving only the area under search open.

The security expert also urged drivers to be vigilant during the process and ensure that the probe is being conducted by one officer at a time.

Filming the event is one tactic that the security expert did not rule out.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative has called for an independent fact-finding body to take over investigations of the alleged planting of weed and cocaine in a vehicle of a motorist by some Policemen.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Midday News on Thursday, Mina Mensah said the Police cannot be investigating themselves.

“From where I sit, it is an issue of the police’s words against the suspect’s words and in situations like that, it is better for a neutral person to investigate.

“Who knows what happened? And so even if the police investigate the whole issue and come out and exonerate the Policemen because that is what the truth is…the credibility of the Police is not as good as it ought to be,” she said.

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