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Sex worker holds unto client’s manhood for failing to pay for services


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A client has gotten to the wrong side of a sex worker after he failed to pay for services rendered by the lady of the night.

The lady dragged the man out of the hotel room and held unto his manhood while crying for her money. 

The video, which has surfaced on social media, captured the duo believed to be Nigerians in an altercation amidst claims by the young lady that he assaulted her.

Their loud noise in the corridor drew the attention of several people who rushed out to see what was happening while others tried to intervene.

She held on tight to the penis of the client who was naked as the only covering he had on, his boxer was also almost on the floor.


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The pleas by the bystanders for the sex worker to have mercy fell on deaf eyes and the man also continued to struggle to break free.

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