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Russian Embassy in Ghana takes on Kamala Harris


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The Russian Embassy in Ghana has disputed claims by US Vice President Kamala Harris that the Russian-Ukraine war has impacted African countries.

According to the Embassy, Madam Harris embarked on an anti-Russia campaign which does stand a simple fact-checking.

Taking to its official Twitter page, the Embassy noted the Vice President’s claim that the war has led to the inability of nations globally to access certain foods, particularly grain, is not accurate.

The Embassy tweeted an artwork with a photo and comments reportedly made by Madam Harris during her recent visit.

“In terms of Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine there have been a number of impacts globally and the United States included.

“In particular, it relates to the prevalence of our ability to have access to certain foods, and grain in particular, globally has been an issue,” she reportedly said.

But to the Embassy, their fact check revealed European officials have acknowledged that about 53 million tonnes of grain and other food products have been supplied by Ukraine.


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However, the only cause of the food insecurity in Africa, the Embassy said, was because of the EU and US sanctions that block the Russian grain export.

The Embassy said “45 percent of the total volume of grain export from Ukraine went to Europe while only 3 percent came to Africa.”

Below is the Embassy’s tweet:

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