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Rapper shot dead after shooting his mother and siblings


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Virginia rapper, EGYPXN reportedly shot his family before dropping a music video.

According to ABC 8 News, the artist, née Tiye Adam Washington II, broke into his mother’s home and then fired shots inside the house, hitting his mother, Tyesha Hall, his 21-year-old sister, and his 12-year-old brother.

Washington then fled the scene, with law enforcement launching a citywide search for the 26-year-old. Meanwhile, the artist’s family members were transported to VCU Medical Critical Care to treat their life-threatening injuries. They are still in recovery.

The rapper’s “Be Free” music video was released as the domestic violence ensued. His visuals had been pre-scheduled via YouTube, The Source reports.

Just a day before his demise, Washington uploaded a message to Instagram as his “last request.”

“My last request from humanity is that you seriously evaluate the care you have for each other. If this species is to ever evolve you must stop eating animals, stop warring with each other and take care of mother earth,” he typed. “Overthrow this sadistic government and rebuild. On a fresh foundation. It’s time for me to rest now..”

On Thursday (March 30), authorities found the artist in Rutherford County, North Carolina, and shot and killed him during a standoff.

Family friends Tamara Harris and Roneece Walker-Jewett spoke about the shooting, confused at what could have incited such violence.

“To my knowledge, there were no issues that would have led to such a tragic event,” Harris said.

“I didn’t believe them, and I called [Hall’s] ex-husband, and he actually got on the scene,” Walker-Jewett said. “I can hear the paramedics in the background saying (…) ‘female, two shots to the chest.’”

Law enforcement has stated that the shooting remains under investigation.

Thankfully, none of the family members he shot were killed, but they are all still recovering from the life-threatening injuries.

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