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NPP must ditch the elephant symbol; it promotes greed – Spiritualist


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A popular spiritualist in the Ashanti Region, Agya Yaw, is warning the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to change its elephant symbol because it smacks of greed in the spiritual world.

According to him, claims that, NPP is inward-looking and property-owning is a truism.

“I don’t do politics; this is not politics, and people must listen to me. The NPP symbol needs to be changed; the elephant has to be changed immediately, and they may listen to me or not. In the spirit world, every animal has its meaning and what controls it. The elephant spirit is a spirit that destroys, lazy and lacks speed, it is greedy and eats a lot compared to other animals.”

“The elephant can drink a whole barrel of water; all I am trying to say is that the elephant symbol stands for greedy people; when you campaign for them, and they win power, they just think about the wellbeing of a few and not the masses. If they don’t enjoy to the fullest, they will make sure you don’t benefit either; that is how the elephant is, and that is how the NPP too is, so they should change the symbol of the NPP,” he said on Ultimate FM.

“You see, the NDC has a symbol of an eagle on top of their umbrella; the eagle is the powerful bird in the skies, and it has its meaning. I don’t hate or like these parties, the NDC and NPP. I was born and bred as an NPP person, but I am just speaking the truth as the spirits have directed me to,” he said.

He, however, advised Ghanaians especially politicians not to pursue any agenda of divisiveness as we are one people.

“Ghana is one family; people must learn to respect each other; you may be at the helm of affairs today, but that does not mean you should rob it in people’s faces; such things are killing and destroying this country, Ghana,” he said.

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