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NPP MP proposes annual collection


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Member of Parliament for Bortianor-Ngleshie-Amanfrom, Sylvester Tetteh, has suggested government in its bid to reintroduce road tolls must make the collection annually.

The lawmaker is of the view that car owners can be charged the road tolls when they go for registration and renewal of their roadworthy certificate.

This is because he said he believes that the increase in road toll rate is not adequate, hence government must consider innovative ways to increase revenue.

“My proposal is that let’s make it an annual toll fee-paying. We know the number of cars. If you’re going to register or renew your roadworthy, it should be added to the fees charges.

“This GHc1.50p is woefully inadequate, it’ll not be enough. We should use innovative ways and collect more and higher,” he suggested.

He continued, “I think with E-levy we can still pursue E-levy and road toll, they are two different revenue streams. I have spoken against the haste with which we suspended it and some of us are vindicated today.”

Speaking on Adom TV’s Badwam Show, he said because there are fewer toll booths in “city centres”, drivers who pay road tolls are less. 

 “I had criticised the suspension of the road toll on this network and other networks I could refer to it. As we’re here, the number of cars that do not pay for road tolls daily is more than those that pay in this country.”


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“If you don’t stay at a peripheral where you’ll have to pay a road toll before coming into the city centre, you only pay road tolls only when you’re travelling. Meanwhile, those who own cars in the city centre out number car owners living at the peripherals,” he said.

Government has announced the reintroduction of road tolls after 16 months of terminating the levy with a proposed average rate of 88.05% for the reintroduction.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Roads Committee in Parliament, Kennedy Osei Nyarko, suggested the reintroduction rates should not be less than GHS5.00.

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