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Noise about National Cathedral project not surprising


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Member of the Board of Trustees for the National Cathedral, Rev. Dr Joyce Aryee, has stated that the negative speculations about the National Cathedral are not surprising.

She likened the ongoing tumult with regards to the National Cathedral to an instance in the Bible.

“The commotion will still continue. When we read the Bible, it states that when God asked the Israelites who were enslaved in Persia to return and build Him a temple, there was chaos.

 “It’s not surprising because sometimes when doing something for God, we must realize that God Himself says there’s light and darkness. The darkness knows it’ll be defeated by the light so whatever means it’ll use to prevent the light from coming it will do.

“We must understand that when a nation is light, a nation can be darkness. But the truth is when the light shines a bit it takes out the darkness,” she said on Adom TV’s Badwam.

She indicated that the trustees were chosen to solicit funds and supervise the building and completion of the cathedral.


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She added that the government is not funding the entire project.

“That’s why government will do what it promised and leave the rest for us. As trustees, we’ve been given that power. Supervise and make sure it’s built. Government did not say they’ll fund us. They only promised to do their part so we continue,” she noted.

According to her, the budget for the National Cathedral has increased due to the inclusion of other facilities.

“The reason for an increase in the National Cathedral budget is that the museum was not part. But building just a church without a museum, restaurant, or small chapels will make it a place that may be visited not very often.”

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