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My wife got to know she was pregnant after robbery attack – Akesse Brempong recounts


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Akesse Brempong and his wife
Akesse Brempong and his wife

Ghanaian gospel musician, Akesse Brempong, has narrated how his wife got to know she was pregnant after an armed robbery attack.

Explaining to Fiifi Folson on Joy FM‘s ‘The Reason is Jesus’, the inspiration behind his song ‘God is Working’, he said he composed it to express his appreciation to God when his wife finally got the fruit of the womb four years after their marriage.

Akesse mentioned that he got married to his wife Benedicta Akesse Brempong in 2011 and “for four years, we were looking for the fruit of the womb and it wasn’t coming.”

“Then once we were dating we had prophetic words about the children God was going to give us, the kind of home we were [going to build] and a whole lot,” he said. 

The gospel musician and pastor said doctors did whatever they could do but to no avail. 

“One time Dicta [his wife] comes to talk to me and it leaves me broken. We are going around, doing the Lord’s work, but there is a need in your home. Going around praying for people, seeing some manifestations of the hand of God in their lives, but we have a need. 

“And I went to God in prayer, and the Lord said to me, tell your wife that when I turn her captivity, she will be like a dreamer,” he added. 

He continued that many months passed. At the time his wife was at Obuasi working for Ghana Commercial Bank. So he visited her one day, they went for a friend’s wedding and when he was returning to Accra they held hands to pray and he felt strongly that his wife was going to conceive that month.

“So I said to her ‘this month and you are going to conceive. I sense that in my spirit’,” he told Fiifi Folson. 

Akesse Brempong recounted that two months passed, almost at the end of the month Dicta was going from work to Kumasi and at Santasi Roundabout, “she wasn’t driving then, it was late. So I had asked her that when she was coming from Obuasi and it’s late she should not drive. She should just pick public transport and come.”

She picked a taxi and unfortunately there were armed robbers in the car. 

“They took her phone, money and even tried to pull out her wedding band but it was stuck on her fingers so they couldn’t,” he noted. 

He said they pushed her so she landed on her arms. When they reported to the police, they requested for a doctor’s report. 

“After examining her, the doctor kept insisting that she should do a pregnancy test. And she was distraught because it was armed robbery, there was a sprain in her arm that is why my mother brought her there so, pregnancy test with sprain in arm?” he said.

The doctor explained that the medication she was going to give her could affect the foetus if she was pregnant, a reason for the pregnancy test. 

“And that was how she discovered that she was eight weeks pregnant. So it meant that when I gave the prophetic word, the month before, she had actually conceived and entered into another month,” he further revealed. 

According to Akesse Brempong, all his songs have missions to accomplish, that is why he does not rush to release musical works.

He is known for songs like ‘Crazy Love’, ‘Bongo Worship’, ‘Blessed’, ‘Victory’, ‘No Weed’ and ‘Heal Our Land.’


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