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Michy sends all-important message to potential suitors


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Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, also known as Michy, a popular Ghanaian actress and TV presenter, has sent a message to any man who has their “eyes” set on her.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Michy revealed that she is looking for a man who is financially stable and willing to spend. She emphasized that her ideal partner must be loaded with cash, own a house, and not be in the entertainment industry, as she values her privacy.

“I used to believe that I had to support my man with the little I had, but those days are over for me,” Michy said. “My man must be financially sound and willing to spend. At least, he must own a house,” she said.

Michy also spoke about motherhood and shared that it has been both challenging and rewarding. While she enjoys being a mother, she admitted that it can be frustrating at times. She explained that putting a child to sleep and running around can be very demanding, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

When asked if she plans to give her son Majesty siblings anytime soon, Michy said that she would like to get married first. She hosts Movement Showbiz on Movement TV and runs her Chopius food business.

“Majesty is seven years old, and it would be nice to have another baby, but not until I get married,” she said.

Overall, Michy’s message is clear: any man who wants to be with her must meet her financial requirements and respect her need for privacy.

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