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Keta NDC branch executives defend Kojo Jones despite allegations


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Concerned National Democratic Congress (NDC) branch executives of Keta have sent strong warnings to some aspirants who are allegedly spreading false rumors that Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Jones Mensah does not qualify to contest for the upcoming primaries to immediately stop or face their wrath.

The concerned branch executives noted that their candidate, Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Jones Mensah has been vetted by the vetting committee and must be allowed to have the peace of mind to campaign towards the primaries. 

In a press conference read by comrade Evans Agbah, he noted that the two candidates allegedly peddling falsehood against Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Jones Nensah, Dr. Kwesi Dzokoto and Kwame Dzidzorli Gakpe have not in any way contributed towards the development of the Keta constituency, and instead of concentrating on their campaign, are rather involved in “childish behaviour.”

According to the group,  Dr. Kojo Jones Mensah who is highly educated and connected has in just some few months transformed Keta through his developmental projects in Anyako, Lawoshime, Hatorgodor among many other communities in the Keta Constituency.

The group is, however, appealing to the NDC to ensure a level playing field for all parliamentary aspirants in Keta as they are ready to “die fighting” against the alleged “evil people” destroying the image of Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Jones Mensah.

“We appeal to the NDC to ensure a level playing field for all parliamentary aspirants in Keta since this is the only heritage from the founder, Late Jerry John Rawlings.  And we are also ready to die fighting  against these two evil people and their collaborators who only want to retard development in the constituency,” they said. 

The group further alleged that, Dr. Dzokoto is allied with key New Patriotic Party (NPP) government officials and that they will not allow him to visit mayhem, destruction and evil on the Keta constituency. 

The group also invoked the gods and ancestral spirits of Keta and the Anlo state to strike anyone dead or infect them with serious health complications when they plan to smear and disqualify “an innocent son of the soil, Dr. Kojo Jones Mensah who is our redeemer. And so we will not sit down and allow evil to prevail,” they said.

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