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I wish you a fabulous time – US Mayor celebrates Asempa FM’s Enock Kwesi Wallace on his birthday [Video]


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Host of Asempa FM’s SportsNite Enoch Worlanyo Wallace

The mayor of Alpine Texas USA, Catherine Eaves, has extended a warm birthday wish to the Head of Sports for Asempa & Adom FM, Enock Kwesi Warlanyo Wallace.

“I hope your day is absolutely fabulous. It’s me Catherine Eaves… we are looking forward to seeing you here in September and I hope your day is fabulous,” she said in a mini clip that has since been on social media.

The Ghanaian-based award-winning sports journalist, who equally has a passion for positive-impact adventures, visited Alpine in 2021.

Talking about the journey in a write-up, he said: “One fascinating thing about Alpine is the number of times trains run across almost every three hours and some are about two miles long. I miss the wind speed, the dark skies, the sunrise, and the sunset across the mountains.

Enock Kwesi Warlanyo Wallace in Alpine, 2021

“Alpine is a favourite place for hikers and those who want to get away from the crowd and connect with nature. It is the top of the list for great vacation ideas,” he said after the trip.

Juxtaposing the lifestyle in Alpine to Ghana, Wallace, as he is affectionately called said “Alpine and Ghana, West Africa have so much in common; the people and the hospitality, the dark skies in some parts of the remote areas in Ghana. They say hello as you walk down the path, and you get a wave with one-index-finger lifts off the steering wheel as they drive along the road. Musicians play almost every night at bars and music halls.”

Enock Kwesi Warlanyo Wallace in Alpine, 2021

Meanwhile, Wallace has shown gratitude to the mayor of Alpine Texas USA Catherine Eaves for her kind words as he readies himself to revisit the city in September for a prestigious award.


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