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I used to walk from Circle to Tema to crack a minute joke on…..


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Stand-up comedian and actor Funny Face has recounted his grass-to-grace story, making him a household name in Ghana’a creative arts industry.

According to him, the journey was not an easy one as he had to work his way to the top.

He revealed there were times he even had to walk from Circle to Tema to perform for just a minute on Adom FM.

That, however, did not break him since he was always focused on the future and the bigger picture to succeed. 

“I won’t say fame made me because I worked my way up there. I used to walk from Circle to Tema just to go and crack a minute joke on Adom FM.

“I used two and half hours like two hours thirty minutes. I was jogging. So that was when I told you I didn’t listen and then he reminded me that look at how you’ve suffered to gain fame,” he said on Accra-based TV3.

The comedian in the past year has been in and out of rehab after an Accra District Court ordered a psychiatric examination.

After spending six weeks at the Accra Psychiatric hospital, the comedian left fans worried once again as he threatened to kill his baby mama and later commit suicide.

He again underwent a psychiatric examination and stayed under the radar while he healed.

 Recounting how he was able to bounce back after taking a long break from his craft, he said his manager and family played a pivotal role.

He expressed his gratitude to his childhood friend and manager, Genesis of 20 years who never gave up on him.

According to him, his family, manager and a few people in his circle helped him get back on track.

“In this life no matter what you go through make sure you have one person that believes in you that no matter what you will come out of no matter what you’re going through and that is my manager.


I am healed – Funny Face says as he makes a comeback

Suicide is never an option – Funny Face

“Going through all these and messing it up like you’re not listening going through something and he’s telling you that listen this is the blueprint, this is how we started. I didn’t listen, it hit me and so then I had to listen. And when I did, look at me now,” he said.

Funny Face also disclosed that he has made peace with Emmanuel Adebayor and Bola Ray.

He added that he adds his personal experiences about his fame and pain to his work.

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