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Hajia Bintu speaks about her ‘ballooned’ buttocks


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Social media influencer, Hajia Bintu has admitted to pushing the narrative about her buttocks having flooded social media platforms with pictures that had her flaunting her behind.

She, however, denied undergoing a procedure to enlarge her butts as she stated emphatically that such features come with growth.

“As you grow, the body also does,” the socialite said on The Delay Show while refuting claims she used to be skinny. If you take a look at my old pictures, I wasn’t skinny” she opined.

But show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso was not convinced about Hajia Bintu’s explanation.

“You had some curves but they weren’t humongous as they are now. Now you have a huge butt,” Delay posited.

But Hajia Bintu insisted her body is natural and explained that, the way she poses in photos makes her butt look bigger.

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