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Finally, the WD40-Scented Perfume You’ve Been Dreaming Of Has Arrived


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MSCHF, an art collective specializing in unique and controversial products, has announced a new perfume inspired by the world’s most popular lubricant spray – WD40.

The versatility of WD40 is the stuff of legend. You can use it as a water displacer, to loosen nuts and bolts, fix squeaky hinges, prevent rust and keep mechanisms lubricated. The manufacturer of this legendary product lists over 2,000 applications for it, but body perfume is sadly not among them. In fact, the company specifically warns against applying their WD40 lubricant on the skin, but if you like the way it smells that much, you no longer need to risk your health, because the WD perfume is finally here!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘who in their right mind would want to smell like WD40?’ Well, judging by the fact that the newly-announced WD40 cologne is currently sold out on its official website, I’d say that quite a few people are at least intrigued enough by it to buy it. Although we have yet to sniff it for ourselves, the new masculine perfume is supposed to smell a lot like the lubricant spray that inspired it.

New York-based art collective MSCHF has a long history of making unique things, from the holy water-injected “holy” sneakers, to the ATM machine that ranks users by their bank account sizes, ASCHF has always found it easy to get people to talk about their creations and this time is no different.

The smell of WD40 is almost as famous as its versatility, and people have been making memes about actual WD40 perfumes for years. Now, MSCHF took that meme and turned it into a real product that people can order for the modest price of $44 per spray can.

Unfortunately, the WD40 perfume is currently sold out on its official website, and there is currently no other way to get your hands on it. If it ever goes on sale again, you’ll have to shell out $48 for a can.

Even the official WD40 manufacturer took notice of the perfume, posting that while it is not in any way affiliated with MSCHF, they appreciate the effort that went into making the unusual perfume.

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