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Farting is spiritual weapon against satan


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A Ghaiana herbalist has detailed the importance of regular farting, which has the potential to cure illnesses and fight Satan.

He advocated for the regular release of gas at least 14 times a day to avoid infection and headaches.

According to the herbalist, people who fart on a regular basis rarely fall sick since they have released toxins from their bodies.

He went on to say that farting could be a spiritual weapon against Satan. According to him, in the spiritual realm, Satan abhors farts, and that could destroy all his plans and plots.

According to the herbalist, farting can break a curse, heal illnesses like strokes and rashes, and protect people from spiritual attacks.

Although he did not provide any scientific facts to back his claims, many have actually welcomed his ideas on the benefits of farting.

@NanaYawKorankye wrote: So your remedy is for us to come to take western medicines or remedies with side effects abi… I don’t believe what he saying but that doesn’t mean he is lying either. I once gave a fart in a heated meeting and everything came to an end so you see

@AnsahAkosua commented: 3y3 asem paa in this part of our world .. you will be surprised how many people believe him

Usif replied: Medical doctors who do try and error saf we believe and listen to them. This is spiritual and has no side effects. I am in

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