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Don’t drag me into your mess


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Yaw Dabo

Kumawood actor Samuel Yaw Dabo has sounded a warning to his colleagues not to include him in any banter that he has no business with.

The notice has been necessitated following an online verbal battle between Lilwin, Dr Likee and Big Akwess, where Lilwin used Yaw Dabo as a yardstick for celebrities.

Per Lilwin’s analysis, his rivals cannot even compare themselves to the diminutive actor, yet alone him, a multiple award-winning actor, producer and musician.

Lilwin went on to say that Yaw Dabo will pop up in the list of recognised Kumawood actors, whereas his counterparts will struggle to be included.

In spite of the compliment, Yaw Dabo, in a recent discussion with blogger Zionfelix, said he is not comfortable with his name popping up in their mess.

The reason, he said, is that he has no issue with any of the aforementioned thespians, neither does he have any idea on why they chose to involve in the public banter.

“I am bothered someone will use me to taunt another based on my stardom. All the actors fighting have their won fanbase and people who recognise them. I don’t know about them but me I don’t care about stardom and I don’t want to be dragged into their mess,” he said.

Furthermore, Yaw Dabo indicated his name being dragged into the problems will create unnecessarily rivalry between himself and the said actors.

He advised the actors to let their craft speak for them rather than beating their own drums.


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