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Disabled caretaker narrates ‘land guards’ story in Accra


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A young man, Kofi Agyemang has narrated how his partner left him to marry another man after land guards attacked and shot his leg during an altercation.

The taxi driver from Akyim Tafo in the Eastern region moved to Oyibi as a caretaker in an uncompleted building after failing to secure a contract with a car owner.

A few weeks later, his friend introduced him to another ‘businessman’ who was supposed to give him a car, but he realised he was a notorious land guard, so he decided to become a labourer and caretaker to fend for himself.

After securing a place to live, Mr Agyemang said the owner of the land was given an ultimatum to stop building her 5-bedroom house because she purchased from the ‘wrong’ family.

He added that, the woman agreed to pay the same amount she gave the first family in a month, so she pleaded for time.

“We were told the land belonged to a different family so if she wants peace she had to pay again. So she was given a month to finish. But the other family warned me that consequences exist if she doesn’t pay.”

Narrating the incident further on Experiences in Life show with actress Nayas, Mr Agyemang said he became a target for the land guards who visited him one dawn to kill him.

“A month passed by, and the landlady requested an extension, but they didn’t agree. I didn’t know that I would become the target until the woman pays the money. I was living in a single room and taking care of the house.”

“September 23, at 4 am, about 4 men were knocking on my door. I didn’t upon the door, but I heard one of them mentioning my name. When I opened the louvers, I saw men with knives, guns and other weapons, and I became scared.”

He continued, “They broke the door down and asked me to say my last prayer. These were men I knew in the area, but they didn’t mind. I couldn’t escape so I prayed. When I finished, they slashed my head with the knife. And they repeated the woman must come and pay the money.”

Mr Agyemang, narrating how he was shot said, “I saw one of them remove a gun and pointed it at me, I got scared and took a few steps back… but I heard the sound of the gun and fell. I started screaming and they got scared and left. They thought they had shot my stomach but it was my leg,” he added.

The caretaker said it worsened when “one of them decided to return to finish the job by attempting to cut my leg.”

“I called one of the friends in Tema to tell the Oyibi police to come for me. I was weak until I was taken to the hospital. Korle Bu doctors told my family that they have to cut the leg… I went to Pepease Lodge, it didn’t work, so my leg was finally cut at the Koforidua Government Hospital.”

Mr Agyemang added that, the case went to court but has been adjourned for over the years with no judgment and the men who attempted to murder him are lurking around in the neighbourhood.

“The CID told arrested the suspects and told me they will take the case to a lower Court for one month before it moves to High Court. From 2011 till now, the case has always adjourned. I have all the documents and dockets with me up till now,” he added.

What worsen his plight, Mr. Agyemang indicated was when his wife left him to marry another man because she could not deal with his disability.

He said he has learnt a bitter lesson and urged all caretakers to sign contracts with landlords since there is no insurance package if anything happens to them.


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