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David Dontoh sends important message to current and upcoming actors


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Ace actor and television personality, David Dontoh, has offered a piece of advice to current and upcoming actors to take their homework seriously to help them reach the peak of their professionalism in the acting field.

The veteran actor is well-known on both screen and stage for his outstanding acting abilities.

Mr Dontoh shared his experiences within the movie industry with Kafui Dey on GTV’s Breakfast Show on March 17, 2023.

He stated that one cannot fully pronounce that he is an actor if he does not do his homework before hitting the stage and even locations.

The homework he spoke about, was the backstage findings and research the actor needs to do before getting into the character he or she has been assigned to play.

He added that knowing your lines as an actor helps coordinate scenes during either stage performances or screen acting, but doing your homework gives you a top-notch performance.

He stressed the importance of theatre arts and stage plays as ones that give the actor every direct and instant appreciation and acknowledgement they deserve.

He added that as much as stage performance is paramount in every actor’s career, stage or theatre drama is virtually dying off in Ghana.

Mr. Dontoh also praised people like Uncle Ebo Whyte, Abubakar Latif, and George Quaye, who have been trying to revive stage drama in the country for a long time.

Adding that as much as these people are trying to revive the stage drama, there is no grass root firmness.

He advised that theatre arts should be revived in the junior and senior high schools in Ghana so it gets a firm root and survives.

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