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23-Year-Old Multiple Personality Sufferer Plans Assisted Euthanasia to Deal With Her Condition


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A 23-year-old successful French YouTuber recently shocked her nation by announcing that she plans to undergo assisted suicide to deal with her dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Le Journal d’Olympe is a popular YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers where a young French woman documents her life with dissociative identity disorder a mental condition formerly known as multiple personality disorder. The 23-year-old was reportedly the victim of severe trauma growing up and has developed a number of alternate personalities as a result. They sometimes take over and constantly having to struggle with this has apparently become too much for the young woman. She recently announced her plan to undergo assisted euthanasia in Belgium at the end of 2023.

Photo: Camila Quintero Franco/Unsplash

” It’s my life, it’s a difficult decision that I had to make,” the young YouTuber wrote. “Even though I am a very resilient person, I have my limits like any human, and my limits have been pushed to their limits for years. I am very tired and I do not tell anyone that this is the solution (assisted suicide) and I wish no one on this earth to have one day to think about it.”

Olympe, whose real name is Lily, explained that she is already in contact with doctors in Belgium and everything is settled for the end of the year. However, she doesn’t exclude the possibility of a considerable-enough change in her life to make her reconsider. Also, there are still things she wants to do before she ends her life.

“I still want to enjoy certain things and also, I’m not closed to something happening and making me totally change my mind, even though I don’t think it’s gonna happen, because I don’t have a positive enough base in my life that counterbalances all the stuff I go through every day with my troubles, my past, my broken brain,” the woman said.

Olympe was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and constantly has to deal with her alters taking control of her body. Some are protective, others fragile, and one tried to kill themselves because they couldn’t take it anymore. After giving careful consideration to her situation, the young woman decided that assisted suicide was her best option.

As you can imagine, Olympe’s shocking announcement sparked controversy and a heated debate online. Some of her fans begged her to reconsider, while others accused her of seeking attention. She even deleted her original announcement on Instagram after receiving too many negative reactions, but she then posted two other videos confirming her decision.

“Life, I feel like I am suffering, not enjoying it,” the French YouTuber explained, adding that she does not have things that make her love life enough to be able to bear all the negative stuff and that the fact that she feels alone is one of the main reasons for her decision.

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